πŸš€ Side Projects

πŸš€ Side Projects

A subset of some of my open-source side projects. Most projects link to their GitHub repository with more details.

🌟 Featured Projects

A screenshot of the project's web page

Live ISS Position Viewer

Live International Space Station (ISS) position with a world map for larger screens

ReactTailwind CSSGitHub Pages
A screenshot of the project's web page

Image Face Recognition Web App

A full-stack web app for detecting faces in images through a third-party API with user signup and authentication

ReactNode.jsExpressPostgreSQLTachyons CSSClarifai API
A banner image displaying the website link


Public resources for tech and education

Next.jsTypeScriptTailwind CSSNextraVercel
An animation of the datHere logo

Data Engineering Intern Guide

A website for assisting new data engineering interns at datHere. Currently a work in progress.


🎯 Other Projects

A phone displaying the YouTube logo

Custom YouTube Subtitles

A web application showcasing custom-made subtitles overlaying YouTube videos

Scrabble pieces that spell out blog

Simple Blog

A full-stack blog web app, one of my first experiences with full-stack web development

JavascriptNode.jsExpressMongoDBMongoose ORMEJSHTMLCSS
A gaming keyboard

Rutgers Esports Discord Bot

A legacy official Rutgers Esports Discord bot for handling internal operations

PythonFirebaseGoogle Calendar APIHeroku
An illustration of a laptop with mail flying out of it

Rutgers Esports Newsletter Form

A public newsletter signup form for the Rutgers Esports mailing list

Node.jsExpressBootstrapJavascriptHTMLCSSMailchimp API
A photograph of a desk, computer, and calendar


An assortment of Python projects and a showcase website with an API to sync with project READMEs on build

A 3D render of the Instagram logo

Instagram Web Clone

A full-stack Instagram clone web app including user signup

ReactFirebaseMaterial UI
A grayscale image of mountains

Image Grayscaler

A web app that grayscales PNGs by using Rust with WebAssembly

RustJavascriptHTMLTailwind CSS
A quote saying 'The day is already blessed, find peace within it.'

Better Quotes

An updated version of the Simple Quotes website

JavascriptHTMLCSSGitHub Pages
A quote saying 'Keep smiling and carry on!' with a moustache

Simple Quotes

A website that generates inspirational quotes from a third-party API

BootstrapJavascriptHTMLCSSGitHub Pages
A desk with a notebook and coffee on it

Mega Todo

A simple todo web app with todos stored in local storage

A photograph of a man running beside water

Motivation Co.

A simple motivational website built during my freshman winter break

JavascriptHTMLCSSGitHub Pages
A photograph of a kitchen with a fridge in the center

Fridges API

A mock REST API with CRUD functionality to manage fridges and foods

A photograph of classroom desks with books and a tablet

Classroom API

A classroom themed REST API implementation in Python with CRUD functionality

A photograph of the edge of a computer screen showing a browser at github.com

GitHub Feed Blocker

A Google Chrome extension that blocks the GitHub 'Following' and 'For you' feeds

A laptop on a table showing a browser at google.com

Google Doodle Blocker

A Google Chrome extension that blocks the Google Doodle on google.com

A phone that has a Twitch logo on it


A Discord bot for a Twitch streamer that automates server role management

A photograph of a bike with training wheels

6 Beginner Python Projects

A collection of various beginner Python projects for learning

A fountain pen writing on paper

LaTeX Homework/Report Template

A LaTeX template for homework assignments, reports, or Q&As with an Overleaf template

Last updated on June 10, 2023