What is this website about?

This website serves as a collection of resources and learning materials that I'm updating over time so that I may find them later if needed but also to publicly provide resources for others that may be useful.

Why was this website made?

I want to share what I learn so I thought this was a good way of doing so! I've been posting resources in a private community as I hadn't had the time to make a public website for them (until now!).

Also I wanted to practice using Next.js so that I may use it for certain current and future projects.

Who is developing this website?

I'm Mueez (opens in a new tab) and as of 2023 I'm currently an undergraduate computer science student.

What can I learn here?

There's plenty of resources you can explore!

Can I contribute to this website?

If you'd like to contribute to the website feel free to do so at the website's GitHub repository (opens in a new tab).